Village of Skeltos

Northeast of Asbravn is a small farming village by the name of Skeltos. The peasants of this area are best known for raising some very specialized creatures, a long-haired goat that produces very fine hair that is shorn to make the finest of garments. The quality of these garments made of majhair is usually of such high quality that they can often be enchanted. Needless to say, these villagers deserve some special attention from the Lord Stephens when they are in peril. Reports had reached Penhaligon of some very curious cases of robbery on the road leading from Skeltos toward the main thoroughfare. Lord Stephens sent a small party of Red Capes to ambush the bandits but they had not sent a report in a couple of weeks. Since there were a few shipments of majhair missing and now a small group of the Lord’s men, he decided that it was time to dispatch a more specialized group of Riders.

Thaden Zoon was summoned and told to prepare his group for a mission to solve a mystery and to find some missing men. The trio of Riders, led by Thaden, are one of the Lord’s elite fighting group- the ‘Stepsons’. Only a few are ever allowed to earn this title, and they are the most promising of the Red Capes. While Thaden relies on his mastery of Arcane forces, the other human of the group, Vincenzo employs stealthy tactics and often a ruse to combat the enemy, thus they leave the brute frontal strikes to the dour dwarf Ergosh. There is nothing usually subtle about Ergosh’s tactics, but then again there is usually no one left to complain!

On their way to Skeltos, the band was lucky to spot a group of humanoids from a distance and thus plan a small ambush for those that looked to be of ill intent. They found that they were up against a gnoll hunting party and after a short battle the Riders claimed their first victory on this mission. But the joy of this success was short lived when the adventuring group discovered what had become of the previous Riders that were dispatched to Skeltos. They found buzzards feasting on what the gnolls had left of the human corpses. The group recovered all of the items that they could and made a quick short burial of the few remaining body parts of their comrades. Their dislike of gnolls grew by a hefty measure that day. After escaping an attack from some other small demonic looking flying critters, the group finally arrived in Skeltos. After meeting with the Village Elder and learning about the various attacks they decided to gather information from the locals. They soon learned of an outcast from the village that seemed a likely candidate for one who might be vengeful to the inhabitants. They investigated the burned remains of a home that belonged to this character, a human by the name of Lertol. Without learning much more other than the few stories of how the wicked enchanter had a biting tongue and a fondness for kicking dogs, they set out to lay a trap for the bandits.

The trio posed as a traveling group of merchants taking a wagonload of goods to one of the larger cities. They camped at a spot where most of the attacks had taken place. But the hunters were soon humbled as their trap was turned against them with magic and they became the latest victims of the unknown thieves! Vincenzo was fuming when he awoke from a magically induced slumber to find all of his gear missing. He cursed all of the curses that only one familiar with the pirate life could utter. He swore that he would find a way to track those that had made fools of these Stepsons. With this furious concentration he did manage to find traces of some tracks that eventually led the group to an ancient half buried set of dwarven ruins.

The band sneaked inside and found the culprit that they decided was the Lertol they had heard of. They began to combat the mage but became confused when he turned himself invisible. In the confusion, Lertol escaped the group before they could cut off the exits. The thief escaped slightly wounded and without any of his possessions. The Red Capes were able to say they solved the mystery and recovered much of the stolen loot, including all of their lost items. They attempted to find Lertol again but could not pick up any traces of his departure from the area. They left a grateful populace in Skeltos and returned home to Penhaligon.

Village of Skeltos

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