Red Riders of the Realms

Finding the Red Hand

The group decides to set up a campsite just in case they have to spend a few days here in the mountains. They decide to overtake the trail guards at sunset and see what lays past them. The horses are tended to and the adventurers prepare their weapons, armor, and some traveling supplies. As night begins to fall, storm clouds begin to roll in from the northwest.

The Riders’ company heads off the trail shortly before the site of the guard post. They come down the mountainside that puts them directly opposite of the goblinkind guards. As they stealthily approach they witness an exchange of guards. Two fresh guards, with food in hand, take up the post. The other two guards head down the trail and out of sight. Vincenzo decides that he can grievously wound or maybe outright kill one of the guards with a poisoned arrow from the new massive bow that he has recently acquired. He misses! The guards are alerted and the fight is on.

The guards are dispatched rather quickly as they try to raise the alarm. Margea decides to keep the last downed foe from dying in order to extract some information from it. The company expects reinforcements to run up any second but they hear no sounds but the distant thunder. Thaden and Vincenzo sneak around the bend to see if they can spot those that should have answered the guards cries for help. Only the distant glow of a small campfire can be spotted but no more adversaries. As they plan their next moves, Vincenzo spots some movement around the fire, and they realize that there is still danger afoot. The group decides to hide the bodies and hope that the coming storm will buy them some time to further their plan of attack.

They race back to the scene of the fight where Diamatte is cleaning up and Margea is binding and gagging their new prisoner. The groups takes the path that leads to a ruined keep or castle with one tower still standing. Vincenzo searches the place for signs of intruders or traps. As the rain begins to fall, Thaden hides one body in the rubble and moves the captive under the cover of trees. He asks Margea to begin a quick interrogation of this foe to find out what they are up against. In the meantime, Vincenzo is scouting the overgrown rubble trying to make his way to the standing tower. As the storm intensifies he and Diamatte discover that the tower appears abandoned as well. Some items that were left behind show that this place was decimated a very long time ago.

Margea has gained the trust of her captive with promises of seeing to his safe return to freedom. The goblin gives them a good account of what he knows about the Red Hand and their lair. Knowing that Thaden is not kind to enemies, Margea decides to distract him while letting the informant escape. While Thaden joins Vincenzo in examining the tower, Margea frees the captive and begins to explain herself to Diamatte….

Through the Woods

Following the trail of the self proclaimed Red Hand Hobgoblins, proves to be an easy task for Vincenzo and the party. After their encounter with an assassin, they take no chances as they chase their quarry. Although the trail was long and there were some natural beasts that had to be avoided, the group finally sees the signs that tell them that they must be close to the hideout they seek. If the captured hobgoblin was telling the truth.

Feeling like they were ripe pickings for an ambush, the group took several precautions as they passed through hills and ravines. They were wary of the Red Hand when a nest of Kruthiks erupted from their burrows to attack. The ravenous beasts set upon the party as if they hadn’t tasted meat in many a day. But the Riders & Company’s attacks were ruthless and on target. They barely took a scratch as they cut down the oversized insects.

Not long after this scuffle, the party spotted a long forgotten tower that the trail suggested was near their destination. They soon found themselves following a mountainous trail that led into piney woods. The tracks still led before them and as they closed on the tower ruins they searched for a campsite to secure their mounts. Vincenzo was able to spot a small secluded natural cave not too far off from their path. The party rested while Vincenzo went out to scout ahead. Just up the path he found the first living sign of the Red Hand, some Hobgoblins by the side of the trail. When he returned with the news, the group decided to deal with these monsters at dusk…..

More Enemies Than One Can Shake A Sword At

The Red Riders decide to accept the offer of the Brindol Councilman. They agree to attempt to assault the Red Hand forces that are left and to return with the town’s precious heirlooms and their captured citizens. The Riders accept the assistance of one militia member, a female warlock, and a female cleric from the local MoonDust Temple. The Riders are made aware that another group has been offered the same reward for returning the same items to the town. The Riders also learn that the other group is led by none other than the fugitive Lertol, a man that they have been pursuing for several months.

After stocking up on the necessary provisions and emergency potions the group plans to get a good night’s rest before setting out on the trail. They leave town just before sunrise and follow the now familiar beginning of a trail through the Brindol woods heading northeast. The group has not traveled but an hour or so, and as the sun begins to peek over the mountains they find a sight that raises the hair on their necks instantly. The corpses that they left as a warning to the Red Hand have been rearranged in a gruesome parody of living beings at camp. As they examine the scene they quickly find that they have stepped into a trap. Vincenzo, taking the lead for the group, is skewered by a poisoned arrow from somewhere up the road. He ducks behind a large boulder and alerts the group. Margea, the cleric is quick to attempt to aid Vincenzo while the others take cover. She becomes the next target of the sniper while healing Vincenzo as an arrow plunges into her torso.

The group tries to hide in the trees and brush and moves to surround their attackers. Thaden is able to see the fleeing assassin as the others head toward the place that they suspect it to be hidden. They soon discover that the assassin is highly skilled and as quick of a fighter as they have ever seen. It is only through the team effort and constant pressure on the slippery figure that they soon force it to attempt to flee again from the fight. Much to their shock, the creature becomes a large snake before their very eyes and disappears into the brush. Thaden is not about to let the assassin slip away now and he heads the beast off. Even with the greivous wounds that the party has received they are finally able to finish their foe off. The snake returns to its original form upon its death. Vincenzo, with a snarl of victory, pounces on the corpse in anticipation of looking upon the dead visage of Lertol the Mage. He is speechless when the vaguely human face is otherwise. The question on everyone’s mind is soon answered as the body search continues. The assassin is tattooed with the mark of the House of the Circlet!!

The Chase is On!!
Brindol, hobgoblins

The captured hobgoblin finally gave in to the party’s persuasions and gave away the location of the Red Hand stronghold. Vincenzo had encountered a small posse of men that were riding after the attackers determined to rescue their loved ones. The group decided that meeting up with these men was their best chance for improving their numbers against the Red Hand. They rode off into the forest in pursuit of the band. It was not long before the group realized that they may have made too hasty of a decision. They caught up to the townsmen several minutes too late. Red Hand hobgoblins had ambushed the men and cut them down before they even had a chance to draw their weapons. The Red Riders advanced to investigate the hobgoblins and became entangled in a bitter battle.

It was looking grim for the newly formed group from Brindol, but a few tactical changes and some luck bestowed on them from Sehanine began to turn the tide. The bloodied Riders & friends finally defeated the last of the ambushers. They placed the corpses as a warning to the remaining Red Hand, and took their dead and wounded back to town.

The group now waits to meet with the town Council again. As they wait, they have other mysteries to ponder. There have been several mysterious visitors looking for them at the inn. At least one of them is definitely up to no good.

The Brindol Aftermath

After spending a short night at the Riverfront Inn, the Riders were awoken by Diamatte and Margea. They have been summoned to the council chambers this next morning. With Brindol still smelling of smoldering wood, the sore and tired group heads up the town hill towards the Keep. At the Brindol Keep they meet with Councilman Eoffram Troyas who relays some of the damage done to the town during last night’s attack. He pleads for the group to consider following the remaining attackers and attempting a rescue of the prisoners and a recovery of the town’s treasures. The group is advised that a lone hobgoblin survivor was kept alive and is held in the yard. They proceed to the yard and find the villain under guard and held in stocks. An interrogation begins….

A Night in Brindol

The night began like any other trip to a different city. Checking in with the local guards at one of the city gates, stabling the horses, spying out an inn or two, and finding a tavern for an evening’s rest and a hot meal. But the similarities ended with the bursting in of the front door by a bloodthirsty band of hobgoblins bent on murder and the razing of this town!

No sooner had the Red Rider pair began to enjoy their newly served bowl of hot stew than they were drawing weapons and fighting for their lives. Outnumbered 5 to 1, Vincenzo and Thaden found themselves momentarily pressed by the torch flinging brutes. With yells of “For Sinruth and the Hand!”, the goblins skewered the innocent tavern patrons as they ran in panic. They soon perished on Vincenzo’s steel and met a cold end from Thaden’s icy wrath.

It was then a mad frenzy to get a bucket brigade going with the surviving citizens. As the tavern fires got put out another menace rounded the street corner preceeded by another throng of screaming townsfolk. The Red Riders could not believe their eyes when they saw a hulking ogre pulling a horse wagon with more Hobgoblins riding in its cart. These Hobs were firing arrows at the running folk while the ogre threw exploding casks at buildings and people alike. More booms, more fire, and more fighting!!

Vincenzo and Thaden tried to slow down the cart to give the citizens a chance to escape. They soon found that this battle might be more than they had bargained for. Then they noticed that a pair of fighting women had peeled off from the crowd and also engaged the attackers. More magic flew from the hands of Diamatte, a warlock full of the moon goddesses power and her companion Margea from Sehanine’s temple in the city. Now the humanoid menace was facing a strong defense. Thaden made a dash to blow the wagon to bits while the evil gang was still on it. But a narrow escape by the enemy made it another street brawl. The ogre took hit after hit and still kept coming. He almost crushed one of the women under his massive club before they brought him down. The last hobgoblin archer attempted to flee but was cut down as he did.

The group only got a few minutes rest to once again yell for buckets of water. Vincenzo checked the corpses to ascertain more info on these attackers. But this rest was also interrupted by a plea from the local militia. All available combatants were needed to help secure the main city gates. The four soon to be heroes ran to the scene of another heated conflict. They assisted the militia in battling hobgoblin soldiers while closing the last remaining gate. And all this under a barrage of arrow fire from more enemies outside the gates.

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