• Diamatte Vildoreen

    Diamatte Vildoreen

    Diamatte has been gifted with the star sign of the Goddess Sehanine.
  • Ergosh


    A quiet stout Dwarf that hails from the few remaining Great Rift Dwarven Royals.
  • Margea Furduen

    Margea Furduen

    A cleric from the Moon Temple, Margea is a young red-haired girl with nerves of steel.
  • Thaden Zoon

    Thaden Zoon

    Thaden is the current leader of this Red Riders group. He is a wizard who specializes in dealing icy death!
  • Vincenzo Pollio

    Vincenzo Pollio

    A shadowy rogue plagued by the memories of a brutal life at sea. With physical scars he bears as a warning.