Red Riders of the Realms

Through the Woods

Following the trail of the self proclaimed Red Hand Hobgoblins, proves to be an easy task for Vincenzo and the party. After their encounter with an assassin, they take no chances as they chase their quarry. Although the trail was long and there were some natural beasts that had to be avoided, the group finally sees the signs that tell them that they must be close to the hideout they seek. If the captured hobgoblin was telling the truth.

Feeling like they were ripe pickings for an ambush, the group took several precautions as they passed through hills and ravines. They were wary of the Red Hand when a nest of Kruthiks erupted from their burrows to attack. The ravenous beasts set upon the party as if they hadn’t tasted meat in many a day. But the Riders & Company’s attacks were ruthless and on target. They barely took a scratch as they cut down the oversized insects.

Not long after this scuffle, the party spotted a long forgotten tower that the trail suggested was near their destination. They soon found themselves following a mountainous trail that led into piney woods. The tracks still led before them and as they closed on the tower ruins they searched for a campsite to secure their mounts. Vincenzo was able to spot a small secluded natural cave not too far off from their path. The party rested while Vincenzo went out to scout ahead. Just up the path he found the first living sign of the Red Hand, some Hobgoblins by the side of the trail. When he returned with the news, the group decided to deal with these monsters at dusk…..


That Vincenzo guy seems pretty handy.

Through the Woods

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