Red Riders of the Realms

The Chase is On!!

Brindol, hobgoblins

The captured hobgoblin finally gave in to the party’s persuasions and gave away the location of the Red Hand stronghold. Vincenzo had encountered a small posse of men that were riding after the attackers determined to rescue their loved ones. The group decided that meeting up with these men was their best chance for improving their numbers against the Red Hand. They rode off into the forest in pursuit of the band. It was not long before the group realized that they may have made too hasty of a decision. They caught up to the townsmen several minutes too late. Red Hand hobgoblins had ambushed the men and cut them down before they even had a chance to draw their weapons. The Red Riders advanced to investigate the hobgoblins and became entangled in a bitter battle.

It was looking grim for the newly formed group from Brindol, but a few tactical changes and some luck bestowed on them from Sehanine began to turn the tide. The bloodied Riders & friends finally defeated the last of the ambushers. They placed the corpses as a warning to the remaining Red Hand, and took their dead and wounded back to town.

The group now waits to meet with the town Council again. As they wait, they have other mysteries to ponder. There have been several mysterious visitors looking for them at the inn. At least one of them is definitely up to no good.



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