Red Riders of the Realms

Thaden is Losing his Patience

The Red Riders must enter the catacombs once again in search of the missing villagers. Thaden appears to be running short on his patience in this venture. He vows to destroy the Red Hand for making him go through this tedious and dangerous task.
The group decides that they should head to a higher level that they have not explored. They know that they must confront a room full of webbing and at least a few of the dangerous Ettercaps! The Ettercaps are ferocious but the party prevails. In the midst of their joy at having beat another group of adversaries, the group is saddened to find that one of the captured villagers is deceased. They find the decomposing corpse of Kartenix, the Brindol Militia Captain wrapped in webbing in the lair of these Ettercap. They now realize that they are losing precious time that the captives may not have. With urgency the group charges up the stairs to the next battle.
They find a room of ready Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Guard Drakes. As they battle, the heroes soon discover that they enemy has a Goblin Shaman supporting them. They let loose with their most furious attacks and spells as they are outnumbered by the humanoids. It is a savage beating for the Red Hand!
After the last of the goblin-kin falls, the party finds another living captive in an adjacent room. Jalissa the Acolyte of Ioun is rescued. She accompanies the group as they decide to explore a little further in the hopes of finding the other two villagers. What they find is a huge, loud, vicious-looking, snarling, armored Hobgoblin. It is Sinruth, the leader of this Red Hand Army! Sinruth bellows at the party and launches a deadly spike Ball and Chain at his foes. Seemingly blessed by their Gods, the heroes outmanuever Sinruth as they foil all of his attacks. He succumbs to the whirlwind of attacks from the party. Even his personal guard cannot save him from the swift death dealt by the Red Riders. The rescue party enjoys yet another victory as they discover some of the Brindol town treasures in Sinruth’s lair.
The search continues down another section of corridors. The party is accosted by the strong odor of decomposing flesh. They decide to move very carefully as these corridors are pitch black. They then spot a glowing fountain in the distance. At this location they find one more villager, Thurann, the son of Kartenix. He is not alone though! Zombies and ghouls attack the rescuers! The undead are formidable foes and, for a moment, the party appears to be losing the battle. With help from Jalissa and the powers of Light, they regain the upper hand and strike down the unnatural monsters. Now the party is barely limping along. They decide to tend to their wounds, their prisoners, and to deliver treasures to the camp site.



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