Red Riders of the Realms

Finding the Red Hand

The group decides to set up a campsite just in case they have to spend a few days here in the mountains. They decide to overtake the trail guards at sunset and see what lays past them. The horses are tended to and the adventurers prepare their weapons, armor, and some traveling supplies. As night begins to fall, storm clouds begin to roll in from the northwest.

The Riders’ company heads off the trail shortly before the site of the guard post. They come down the mountainside that puts them directly opposite of the goblinkind guards. As they stealthily approach they witness an exchange of guards. Two fresh guards, with food in hand, take up the post. The other two guards head down the trail and out of sight. Vincenzo decides that he can grievously wound or maybe outright kill one of the guards with a poisoned arrow from the new massive bow that he has recently acquired. He misses! The guards are alerted and the fight is on.

The guards are dispatched rather quickly as they try to raise the alarm. Margea decides to keep the last downed foe from dying in order to extract some information from it. The company expects reinforcements to run up any second but they hear no sounds but the distant thunder. Thaden and Vincenzo sneak around the bend to see if they can spot those that should have answered the guards cries for help. Only the distant glow of a small campfire can be spotted but no more adversaries. As they plan their next moves, Vincenzo spots some movement around the fire, and they realize that there is still danger afoot. The group decides to hide the bodies and hope that the coming storm will buy them some time to further their plan of attack.

They race back to the scene of the fight where Diamatte is cleaning up and Margea is binding and gagging their new prisoner. The groups takes the path that leads to a ruined keep or castle with one tower still standing. Vincenzo searches the place for signs of intruders or traps. As the rain begins to fall, Thaden hides one body in the rubble and moves the captive under the cover of trees. He asks Margea to begin a quick interrogation of this foe to find out what they are up against. In the meantime, Vincenzo is scouting the overgrown rubble trying to make his way to the standing tower. As the storm intensifies he and Diamatte discover that the tower appears abandoned as well. Some items that were left behind show that this place was decimated a very long time ago.

Margea has gained the trust of her captive with promises of seeing to his safe return to freedom. The goblin gives them a good account of what he knows about the Red Hand and their lair. Knowing that Thaden is not kind to enemies, Margea decides to distract him while letting the informant escape. While Thaden joins Vincenzo in examining the tower, Margea frees the captive and begins to explain herself to Diamatte….


Update…update…I need the updates to know what to do next.

Finding the Red Hand

Something I have been meaning to ask because I’m just not sure about it. And, something the hobgoblin did on Monday (10/26) reminded me that I should figure this out. What rules govern a PC who makes a trap? I have been looking for material on it and I cannot find anything. What are your thoughts?

Finding the Red Hand

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