Red Riders of the Realms

All Townsfolk Accounted For

Thaden and company enter the catacombs knowing full well that they may have taken too long with this assault to rescue the remaining captive alive. With this weight on their minds they decide to clear every room that they have previously been into and then search for new areas. The catacombs appear to be clear of the Red Hand and any other living occupants as they search around. But then the group decides to explore a new doorway. They discover a large room filled with oversized mushrooms and the eerie glow of cavern lichen. As they make their way through the fungi, the rescuers find that some of the mushrooms emit a death shriek when stepped on! These sounds bring unwanted attention from more Drakes. The creatures fall quickly and the group is able to avoid several mushroom explosions of differing variety. Beyond this room they find the last villager, Zerriksa, held in a magical prison. After several attempts to solve a mysterious contraption in the room, the party notices a flaw in the magic circle. They believe that they can defeat the imprisoning device with a simple matter of timing. Perception and patience prove to be valuable allies to the group as they succeed in getting the old crone out of her cage!
All that is left now is to find the remaining artifacts that were stolen from Brindol. The Red Riders make their way through the catacombs and head upstairs. In the darkness, they hear screams of terrible rage and frustration. They proceed very carefully down new corridors toward the sounds. In the distance they spot the source, what appears to be a human sized demon trapped within a room by an invisible wall. The demon sees them as well, and begins to pound at the barrier and glare at the group with hatred. Thaden makes a hard decision. He decides that having all of the Brindol villagers accounted for is more important than losing their lives trying to find town relics. He orders the group to head back out of the catacombs and back to camp. No one is too sorry to be leaving this tomb for good. They are greeted by smiling faces when they make it back to their mountain campsite. They plan to head to Brindol after a good nights rest in their cave.



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