Red Riders of the Realms

A Night in Brindol

The night began like any other trip to a different city. Checking in with the local guards at one of the city gates, stabling the horses, spying out an inn or two, and finding a tavern for an evening’s rest and a hot meal. But the similarities ended with the bursting in of the front door by a bloodthirsty band of hobgoblins bent on murder and the razing of this town!

No sooner had the Red Rider pair began to enjoy their newly served bowl of hot stew than they were drawing weapons and fighting for their lives. Outnumbered 5 to 1, Vincenzo and Thaden found themselves momentarily pressed by the torch flinging brutes. With yells of “For Sinruth and the Hand!”, the goblins skewered the innocent tavern patrons as they ran in panic. They soon perished on Vincenzo’s steel and met a cold end from Thaden’s icy wrath.

It was then a mad frenzy to get a bucket brigade going with the surviving citizens. As the tavern fires got put out another menace rounded the street corner preceeded by another throng of screaming townsfolk. The Red Riders could not believe their eyes when they saw a hulking ogre pulling a horse wagon with more Hobgoblins riding in its cart. These Hobs were firing arrows at the running folk while the ogre threw exploding casks at buildings and people alike. More booms, more fire, and more fighting!!

Vincenzo and Thaden tried to slow down the cart to give the citizens a chance to escape. They soon found that this battle might be more than they had bargained for. Then they noticed that a pair of fighting women had peeled off from the crowd and also engaged the attackers. More magic flew from the hands of Diamatte, a warlock full of the moon goddesses power and her companion Margea from Sehanine’s temple in the city. Now the humanoid menace was facing a strong defense. Thaden made a dash to blow the wagon to bits while the evil gang was still on it. But a narrow escape by the enemy made it another street brawl. The ogre took hit after hit and still kept coming. He almost crushed one of the women under his massive club before they brought him down. The last hobgoblin archer attempted to flee but was cut down as he did.

The group only got a few minutes rest to once again yell for buckets of water. Vincenzo checked the corpses to ascertain more info on these attackers. But this rest was also interrupted by a plea from the local militia. All available combatants were needed to help secure the main city gates. The four soon to be heroes ran to the scene of another heated conflict. They assisted the militia in battling hobgoblin soldiers while closing the last remaining gate. And all this under a barrage of arrow fire from more enemies outside the gates.



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