Red Riders of the Realms

A New Assault

The party decides to return to the crypts as soon as they are rested. They do not want to give any remaining Red Hand Goblins time to recover, reorganize, or reinforce. The rescued townsfolk are left with the horses in their cave hideout.

Upon entering the crypts, the heroes quickly find that the Red Hand has been actively making changes. They meet up with a small patrol which is quickly dispatched. They find that one of the sleeping quarters that they previously cleared has now been fortified. This only strengthens the resolve of the group and they charge the goblins that have barricaded themselves in the room. Once again the group finds themselves fighting room to room as they clear the Red Hand and search for prisoners. It isn’t long before they find a woman, tattered and torn, rat-bitten and catatonic, chained to an altar. The rescue has also left the Margea and Diamatte with infected wounds from the same large diseased rats.

Vincenzo cannot contain his curiosity any longer and begins a more earnest search through the crypts that they pass and does uncover some loot in several sarcophagi. But fight after fight is taking a toll on him. After the next battle with Goblinkind, he grudgingly accepts a plan to withdraw yet again from the catacombs until he can heal.

The party makes another safe exit from the crypts and takes the woman, Mirtala, back to the cave hideout. The group is able to rest and heal from wounds and infection. They realize that they may be running out of time to save anymore prisoners from the vicious Red Hand.



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